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Chris Allen’s Desk



Just started working at home at the start of May.  I’m surprised it’s not
messier, but you can see the accumulation of stuff starting to build up.
Under the notebook at the bottom left is my old double cassette deck which
I’m using to convert old tapes to MP3s.  Instead of working.

Give it time Chris, give it time.


Benjamin Solah’s Desk



Though used by myself mostly, I cannot claim the desk as my own. It’s also occasionally used by both my partner and housemate. But as you can see, I’ve taken up a lot of space with a cool lamp and candle, trays of paper and boxes of notebooks, as well as whatever random writing I’m working on at the time. I tend to have some childish like red cordial by my laptop as I work.

Thanks Benjamin, if there is one thing we love here at desked it’s cordial.

Andy’s Desk


Andy's DeskHere is Andy’s very clean and tidy desk. Nice to see the colour balance of posters and curtains is alive and well.

Ciara’s Desk


dscf29401That really is just Bop It (2 Extreme!), Gav can solve all the cubes, I just enjoy a good fiddle. Of the cubes. Taken mid me rewriting the Constitution… again.
Ciara x is our home

What a wonderful desk, pellegrino, a holga and Ricks dead eyes staring back at us. Quite tidy though, Wellington will not approve.

Wonderment’s Dreamy Desk….



McCoy’s and hair straighteners…..her secrets are revealed……

Supersimbo’s Super Desk…

Supersimbo's Super Desk...

Supersimbo's Super Desk...

Needs more…..I dunno…..needs more……..mess. I am of the belief that this desk has been tidied……Tell me I am wrong Mr Simbo? Go on I dare ya……

Elfinamsterdam’s Home Desk!

The Elf at home....

The Elf at home....

“My home desk, a corner of the sofa.
Its an IKEA breakfast tray, but it holds all I need and saves the 3rd degree burns to my thighs as I blog/tweet/surf. I can be found here, headphones attached to block out the lunatic upstairs neighbours, internetting till the wee hours!”