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Victor Barry’s Desk…

Victor Barry's Desk

Victor Barry's Desk

“Office” room in the house. Old compaq PC that is being kept alive for science! Laptop balancing for dear life. Old skool tv (that I have for over 12 years and refuse to throw it out) that is connected to an old skool gamecube. Neither have been used in at least a year, but it gathers dust like a pro. Couple of signed pics in and out of the shot. The late Stan Winston and Chris Rock in the shot, along with the wrist of George Lucas. Obligatory RedFM mug for publicity purposes. Pliers for repairing punched in light switch. And one of the bookshelfs that is full of shite that I, again refuse to throw out. Anyway, I rarely use the room with the laptop being normally perched on the kitchen counter! But most of my life is hoarded in this room!
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